MingJiu Review #1

I’m going to try something new. I’m transcribing (from memory) a review by Jiang MingJiu 7P of one of my games. I visit his game review sessions semi-regularly, and learn quite a lot. Hopefully, writting it down will help the points stick.

This game is between me and a 3 Dan on the Dragon Go Server. I’ve written the commentary as a dialogue between MingJiu and those in attendance.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50] PW[Min88]PB[Jay Chan] ;B[pd] ;W[dc] ;B[pq] ;W[dp] ;B[fq] ;W[cn] ;B[jp] ;W[qn] ;B[po] ;W[rp] ;B[ql] ;W[pn] ;B[qo] ;W[ro] ;B[qq] ;W[on]C[MingJiu: P6 is a mistake. Now we play S7.] ;B[rm] ;W[rn] ;B[mp]C[MingJiu: Black can play Q8 to put more pressure on white. Jay: Locally, is N4 or O5 better? MingJiu: N4. O5 leaves too much weakness on the bottom.] ;W[rq] ;B[rr] ;W[sr] ;B[qr]C[3k: Is R2 slow? MingJiu: R2 is necessary.] ;W[pk] ;B[qj]C[MingJiu: R10 is a missed opportunity. You should push up at Q8 first to create cutting points.] ;W[pl] ;B[pj] ;W[oj] ;B[oi] ;W[nj] ;B[ni]C[MingJiu: Still good for black, O8 is a key point in white's shape.] ;W[qc] ;B[qd] ;W[pc] ;B[oc]C[MingJiu: Black missed a chance. You should instead play O17 to try to get sente to play the large move at N11. Jay: Oh wow, I didn't think of N11 it's so solid and simple. All I thought about was N10, but the cutting point is nasty. MingJiu: That's you!] ;W[ob] ;B[nc] ;W[nb] ;B[mc] ;W[rd] ;B[re] ;W[rc] ;B[qf] ;W[ld]C[MingJiu: What is this?! Impossible. Let's stop here.])
Written on Feb 6, 2015 about Baduk and MingJiu.