MingJiu Review #3

In our third installment of reviews with MingJiu, we go over a game I played against a random person at the Montreal Go Club. This game was especially painfully for me to show MingJiu having not even realized a blunder.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.00] PW[Jay Chan]PB[Canadian Dude] ;B[dq] ;W[pp] ;B[dd] ;W[pc] ;B[pe] ;W[qg] ;B[qc] ;W[mc] ;B[pd] ;W[pb] ;B[nd] ;W[lc] ;B[qf] ;W[ph]C[2k: Isn't the shape normally at Q13? MingJiu: Yes, but in this case, black is already strong on the top side , so white should play a little farther.] ;B[qb] ;W[do]C[MingJiu: D5 is not the biggest move right now. Jay: Really!? MIngJiu: Yes, Q12 is is still weak, no a move at R6 is the biggest. Jay: That's so simple, but I would have never thought of that in a game.] ;B[fp] ;W[cq] ;B[cr] ;W[cp] ;B[er] ;W[cl] ;B[nq] ;W[pn] ;B[ql] ;W[rf] ;B[re] ;W[pf] ;B[qe] ;W[om]C[MingJiu: What is P7? I can't believe you played that. It's too slow. It must be at R10 to attack black.] ;B[rn] ;W[oq]C[MingJiu: The focus has to be attacking black. WHite should just play at S4.] ;B[qq] ;W[rp] ;B[or] ;W[pr] ;B[pq] ;W[op] ;B[qr] ;W[nr] ;B[ps] ;W[mq]C[MingJiu: Did you read that ladder? Jay: yes? oh wait. Oooops. MingJiu: Let's stop here.])
Written on Apr 17, 2015 about Baduk and MingJiu.