MingJiu Review #4

A while back we decided to do another consultation game in a boba cafe. This was MingJiu’s review.

(;GM[1]FF[4]SZ[19]AP[SmartGo:0.6.3]CA[utf-8] GN[2015-08-23b] PW[James, Lena] PB[Jay, Linden] EV[Consultation Game] DT[2015-08-23] KM[6.5] RU[Japanese Rules]CH[1];B[qd];W[ec];B[pp];W[dp];B[cn];W[fq];B[ck];W[od];B[ld] ;W[qe];B[re];W[pe];B[rf];W[qc];B[rd] C[6k: Isn't S17 the normal move here? MingJiu: S16 is another joseki.];W[ph] C[Jay: Q12 is a mistake isn't it? MingJiu: yes, it should be p17.];B[pd] C[Jay: I read in the joseki dictionary that Q17 is the next move, why isn't Q16 played? This looks like black end with sente after white responds P15, black Q17, white P17. MingJiu: Yes, it is sente, but there are two reasons: First, white may decide to change direction and answer Q16 with Q17. Secondly, after white gets, P15, it's hard to cut Q12 later.] ;W[oe];B[pc];W[oc];B[de] C[MingJiu: Oh what is this move? Do you wan to die? Jay: I thought i can treat M16 lightly... MingJiu: So you're willing to let white play M14 and take the whole top side? Jay: I guess not. MingJiu: Black should just play J17 and make a base on the top side. E15 is also possible. ] ;W[ee];B[dd];W[ed];B[df];W[dc];B[fg] C[MingJiu: F13 is impossible right now, it must be E14. White can push and cut, and F13 will be lonely.] ;W[dm];B[cm];W[ef];B[eg];W[dg];B[cg];W[dh];B[ch];W[di];B[ci];W[cd];B[be] ;W[bd];B[ce] C[MingJiu: Yes this corner is good for white.];W[dk];B[dj];W[ej];B[cj];W[fi] ;B[ei] C[MingJiu: Just jump to H13 is enough. Black is losing liberties too. Jay: Thank you, let's stop here.] )
Written on May 1, 2016 about Baduk and MingJiu.